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At Cargo, the term multidisciplinarity takes on its full meaning. The support fonctions are applied to a very wide range of requirements, with internalised areas of expertise, and the range of activities practised in the group is extremely broad. From the most creative to the most technical, whether sedentary, mobile or involving frequent travel, and working mostly in teams, one thing is certain: all skills are present. Get an overview of the main activities practised at Cargo …


The purchasing department is a powerful marker of the group's DNA. Purchasing expertise is based on deep knowledge of the markets and solid market watch on international trade fairs.
The staff of the Purchasing department are in permanent contact with suppliers and negotiate the best purchasing conditions for the company: optimal prices, volumes and delivery deadlines, while constantly striving to limit stocks and procurement costs to guarantee the best profitability.

Purchasing activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Purchasing manager
  • Buyer
  • Purchasing coordinator
  • Purchasing assistant
Marie, Buyer

Focus : Marie, Buyer

Can you give us an overview of your career path? How long have you been working in the group?

I joined the CARGO Group 6 years ago as purchasing assistant.
After 2 years of training and learning the ins and outs of the job, I progressed to the activity of buyer by assuming responsibility for the development and purchase of complete ranges.



This department lies at the heart of the group's support functions. It is responsible for the daily management of administrative activities (reception, switchboard, etc.).
It works to organise and optimise daily administration processes, in order to facilitate and streamline the work processes of all departments.

Administration activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Operator
  • Administration employee
Aïda, Operator at CARGO

Focus : Aïda, Operator

Can you give us an overview of your career path at CARGO?

I joined CARGO in March 2016 as an Operator. Today, I am one of two persons responsible for welcoming 200 internal staff and orienting people coming from outside.



As the driver of group development, reactivity, availability and negotiation capacity are the watchwords of this activity.
Present throughout France, the sales force is in direct contact with B to B customers, mainly in mass distribution, but also independent retailers. It is also involved in back office support functions, as well as in order management and settlement of disputes.

Sales activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Travelling sales representative
  • Sales assistant
  • Sales administration assistant
  • Sales manager
  • Key account manager

Accounting & Finance

The Accounting & Finance departments are of two types :

- Firstly, to take care of the accounting of the group's companies. On a daily basis, this involves customer billing, posting purchase invoices, general expenses, tax declarations, treasury management, etc. They periodically produce reports of companies for which they are responsible.

- Secondly, managing and auditing the accounts of CARGO group companies. They also support the accounting departments of subsidiaries. They supervise the establishment of annual accounts for companies in the group. They monitor compliance with company rules, tax and accounting regulations. They establish consolidated accounts.

Accounting & Finance activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Accounting assistant
  • Accountant
  • Group auditor
  • Treasurer
  • Administration and accounting manager
Claire, CARGO Accountant

Focus: Claire, Accountant

Can you tell us a little about your activity?

I work in a team of 3 people. I look after the general accounting of CARGO and companies of the group that do not have their own accounting department.
Basically, our activity is that of a service provider, as well as looking after all accounting aspects of a parent company (inter-subsidiary relations).


IT & Networks

Computer systems and networks are the cornerstone for the operation of a company's internal departments as well as project departments. They are critical and must be considered in advance of deployment and production launch with an internalised data centre and PCA (Plan de Continuité d’Activité [activity continuity plan]) / PRA (Plan de Retour d’Activité [activity return plan]) bodies that allow response to the requirements of our various subsidiaries.

IT & Networks activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • System and network administrator
  • Computer support technician
  • Retail computer support technician
  • Project manager
Axel, Computer support technician

Focus : Axel, Computer support technician

Can you give us an overview of your career path in the CARGO Group?

Following professional retraining, I followed a diploma course to become a senior computer support technician. I found my first IT job at CARGO. I arrived in 2015 and took up the post of system and network technician.
I developed in a department of 15 people working on system and network support for companies of the group.


IS / BI / Organisation

The ISD (Information Systems Department) comprises approximately sixty people, organised around several activity clusters (Business Intelligence, Organisation, Systems & networks, ERP, Development, web, etc.). It provides and manages a set of innovative services oriented towards new experimentation and technologies from its Toulouse office.
Encouraging teamwork through fruitful collaboration with the different departments of the group, its challenges are to respond to the ambitions of different companies and support them in developing those ambitions.

ISD activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Activity application developer
  • Mobility lead developer
  • ERP developer
  • BI engineer
  • Project manager / AMOA
  • Application support technician
Cécile, AMOA project manager at CARGO

Focus : Cécile, AMOA (Assistance à Maîtrise d'Ouvrage) project manager

What is your career path in the CARGO Group?

I started at Cargo 2 years ago as MOA (Maîtrise d'Ouvrage) / Organisation project manager. I am part of a team of 8 people who are involved in all the company's functional areas.



Logistics involves managing time constraints at a lower cost. The CARGO Group is continually investing in new technologies, particularly the latest generation of robotisation tools.
The diversity of activities in the Group means that we control a very large number of logistics systems and this in turn allows us to adapt very quickly to the constraints of our customers.

Logistics activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Depot manager
  • Receipt manager
  • Dispatch manager
  • Order preparer
  • Forklift operator
  • Production engineer
  • Stock and flow manager
Sébastien, Deputy manager of group logistics at CARGO

Focus : Sébastien, Deputy manager of group logistics

What are your tasks ?

I am responsible for supporting subsidiaries that handle merchandise stocks in the management and optimisation of their storage processes. My task is to reconcile their organisational needs in relation to their orders and flows.
That involves choosing equipment such as handling tools and the organisation of picking zones. These logistics choices are a real challenge for productivity and cost control.



At the heart of developments and connected with the purchasing, design and sales departments, marketing is involved in managing or supporting all subsidiaries and trade marks. Both strategic and operational, Cargo's marketing staff are equally comfortable with speaking about tableware or car cleaning or Christmas decoration.

Marketing activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Graphic designer
  • 3D designer
  • 2D designer
  • Photographer
  • Designer
  • Community Manager
  • Communication Project Manager
  • Press attaché
Sophie, Product designer at CARGO

Focus : Sophie, Product designer

What are your tasks in the marketing department?

I am responsible for designing and producing 3D product designs for the subsidiaries together with the marketing team. I work with very varied contacts, mainly the purchasing departments, but also the legal department (on the aspect of patents and exploitation rights connected with products) as well as external providers (prototyping, plasturgists, etc.). I also work with the manufacturers in order to achieve the industrialisation of new products. 3D design of a new product requires innovation in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition by creating more innovative products, the use and/or aesthetics of which has been redesigned. That concerns, for example, kitchen ustensils, handles for a new model of saucepan, lighting, tools, etc.



Whether it means setting up a new shop, updating an installation or organising a retail space, the merchandising staff are there to highlight products or a shelf in accordance with the expectations and brand image of our customers. Presales or after-sales, a merchandiser can assemble furnishings, install or even create an inventory of items in all worlds: tableware, interior decoration, DIY, etc.

Merchandising activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Travelling merchandiser
  • Inventory auditor
  • Sales administration manager

Quality / Social and Environmental Responsibility

Present across the import chain, the quality team works with the purchasing departments and supports them starting from the referencing of suppliers right up to the sale of products in the shop.
The different tasks of the Quality department include compliance with the standards and regulations in force for all references, as well as guaranteeing the performance of products launched on the market. To address that, this department has an internal test laboratory. Expertise and communication are its key words.

Quality activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Product quality manager
  • Laboratory manager
  • Test technician
  • Standards and regulatory monitoring manager
Florian, Test technician at CARGO

Focus : Florian, Test technician

In a few words, what are your tasks as test technician?

Our task is to put ourselves in the place of consumers in order to determine the dangers that the product could pose for them. To do that, we create test protocols, perform tests on the products and issue corresponding reports. Between 60 and 100 products of all types (toys, crockery, car accessories, utensils, etc.) are tested every month, depending on the duration of the tests which are implemented on a case-by-case basis.



With the development of our chains of shops throughout France, these colleagues are in direct contact with the consumers.
The taste for exchange, customer contact, and product affinity are three points that are essential in order to progress in this activity.
In direct interface with the support services, they provide real-time feedback from the field that supplies marketers, merchandisers and buyers with valuable data.

Retail activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Store manager
  • Store animator
  • Store assistant
  • Visual merchandiser
Axelle, Store manager

Focus : Axelle, Store manager

My name is Axelle and I have been manager of a store on the outskirts of Toulouse for nearly 2 years.

What are your daily tasks?

I have a management role; my job is to monitor turnover and ensure sustainable profitability. I have to ensure the correct implementation of sales animations and product offers.
I am responsible for good customer relations and for ensuring a good shopping experience.
From a human point of view, I must ensure that everyone has what they need in order to manage their sector in complete autonomy, and that colleagues thrive on what they do. I must also ensure that they evolve by doing everthing necessary to support them as well as possible.


Supply Chain

The group's Supply Chain activity is concerned with import flows and organises all importations of products made by our different subsidiaries.
It integrates all regulatory and administrative aspects of the different service providers (customs or freight forwarding) and coordinates all flows through integrated monitoring tools.
Deadline compliance, supplier relations as well as purchasing and cost optimisation are some of the priority focus areas of the Supply Chain department based on performance indicators.
Its cross-functional approach allows it not only to identify and adapt global solutions but also to respond to specific requirements of our subsidiaries.
Supporting this organisation is our office in China, where 10 specialised category managers, each in a different field of activity, work every day to research the best suppliers and products in compliance with our quality requirements.

Supply Chain activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Import/export coordinator
  • Purchaser
Joëlle Martinez - Supply Chain chargé de mission at CARGO

Focus : Joëlle - Supply Chain chargé de mission

Can you tell us about your career path at CARGO?

Having graduated as a young executive secretary, I joined one of the group's subsidiaries almost 30 years ago.
Then, I alternated between the function of purchasing assistant and a pure import post where I acquired experience and expertise in three large areas:
- international transport (sea and air)
- customs where restrictions are tough and regulatory monitoring is essential
- post-shipment transport by road or rail
8 years ago, CARGO's group management created the Import-Export cell and asked me to join this department.



The technical department supports Cargo and all its subsidiaries in the creation, renovation, signage, security, planning and maintenance of business or commercial premises. Offices, warehouses and shops must comply with specifications as well as strictly defined and controlled standards. Daily care requires troubleshooting, repair, cleanng and maintenance services. To do that, the technical team contributes multi-disciplinary skills with high territorial mobility, while also managing external service providers.

Technical department activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Architect
  • Maintenance manager
  • Travelling technical officer
Maroussia, Architect at CARGO

Focus : Maroussia, Architect

What are your tasks?

Basically, renovation and retrofitting spaces for Cargo (shops, offices, logistics platforms, etc.). I also provide advice about projects planned by the group and track their implementation. From the design phase to delivery, the aim is to meet requirements and ensure that everything is properly implemented. For example, when a new renovation project starts, all the measurements of the current building must be taken to create a precise plan, analyse what needs to be kept and/or added, define a budget and plan the implementation deadlines.



Final link in the logistics chain, the role of transport is to organise the dispatch of merchandise within the times and towards the places negotiated in advance by the sales teams.
The diversity and the seasonal nature of CARGO group flows has led us to forge strong partnerships with our transporters in order to best respond to the requests of our customers.
To improve reactivity and promote quality, our customer service is capable of dealing with many risks in the transport field.

Transport activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Transport operation manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Transport administration employee
  • Batch manager
  • Billing manager
Bastien, Transport operation manager

Focus : Bastien, Transport operation manager

Can you tell us about your career path within the CARGO Group?

I started working in the CARGO Group one year ago in the post of Transport operation manager.



The task of this department is to develop and maintain the group's websites. Whether they are showcase sites to present our subsidiaries or brands, or e-commerce sites for our B2C or B2B offers, this department is responsible for the smooth operation of the sites, developments and new features on these digital media.

Web activities in the CARGO Group include:
  • Backend developer
  • Frontend developer
  • Integrator
  • UX/UI designer
Pierre, Web development manager at CARGO

Focus : Pierre, Web development manager

What are your tasks?

With the development of the internet and smartphones, the presence of companies in the digital sphere has become essential. Everyone uses the internet to do research and get information about products and brands before making their purchases.
The Web department is responsible for the design, creation, optimisation and maintenance of all the group's websites. The group has over twenty websites, including e-commerce sites and "showcase" sites.